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Rund um -=SHW=- -=SHW-FotziBaer=- 03.03.2020 11:41:26
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03.03.2020 11:41:26

Hier der Link zu unserem Discord Server.  

Ich habe mal einige Channel überarbeitet und teilweise neue hinzugefügt.

Falls mehr Bedarf an Änderungen ist, bitte hier oder im Discord eine Info an mich.

Leider funktioniert die Link Funktion noch nicht.


Einmal Futte immer ein Baer!
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replied 1 hour ago


each time i heard how tons disappointment the king will be, it changed into like a river of spring water flowing eastward. one would think of li yu, who changed into called the "everlasting ci emperor". after the fall of nantang, he straight away became a prisoner. li yu understood the struggling of life. the sorrow of impermanence, the usage of words to describe the desolation and regret of the damage of the country, the keen and authentic revel in of life, and the enlargement of the sphere of expression of the word. the achievements of the word surpass the predecessors, and it additionally produces the poets of the later generations. great impact.

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